iMessage Stickers

Squillop media has been BUSY making iMessage Sticker packs !  We have a wide variety to choose from, see below for details!

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 14.29.21Vamp Doodles

Invoke the dark side with these spine chilling, hand drawn stickers, don’t wait till Halloween, be at one with your inner Vamp every day!



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Beach Day Doodles

The perfect beach day, Sun, Sand, Sea, Ice Cream, Fun and Games, what more could you need?!!



Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.06.08

Potion Shoppe Doodles


When you need a spell of magic, where do you go? The Potion Shoppe of course ! Get these magically hand drawn stickers for your messages now!



Summer Garden Doodles

What could be more fun than hanging out in the garden in the hot summer sun?

Enjoy the bright sunny hand drawn stickers this summer holiday and keep cool!


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Fairy Doodles

Add some faerie magick and whimsy to your messages with these lovingly hand drawn Fairy Doodles!

Maybe your midsummer nights dream will come true after all!


punintendediconforwebPun Intended, Dad Jokes.

… Did you hear about the guy who sent in ten jokes to a pun competition?
He figured maybe one of them would win. But sadly, no pun in ten did…

Who doesn’t like a great Dad Joke? Stick ’em up with these dreadful puns in your iMessage Stickers !

There’s more than 40 jokes, puns and one-liners. Enough to keep you groaning all year round !!

– emoji courtesy EmojiOne

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happybdaydoodlesiconHappy Birthday Doodles

Send a friend or loved one a Happy Birthday Doodle this year!

Celebrate in style with these lovingly hand drawn iMessage Stickers !



New Year Doodles

Start 2017 in style with these hand drawn iMessage Stickers !


valentinedoodles Valentine Doodles

Show the love with these gorgeous hand drawn iMessage Stickers !

Hearts, Roses, Chocolates, Kisses, what more could you want to show how you feel!

Don’t be shy, send a Valentine doodle to the one you love !


miserablemealsMiserable Meals

Things aren’t going great, you’ve had a bad day, why not make your feelings known by sending some Miserable Meals stickers?

Are you a sad tomato or a grumpy broccoli? Or perhaps you are a melancholy pickle or a woeful radish?

Whichever you are, say it with Miserable Meals stickers for iOS 10.


vampirecatsVampire Cats

Get stuck in and download the Vampire Cat stickers! Celebrate Halloween or just share your inner cat vampire anytime. Animated and still, you can share your vampy feelings with your friends. Send a scary rawr, a beating heart, a wink or a confused shake.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of a vampy fun message !


alphabetanticsAlphabet Antics

Have you ever wondered what letters get up to when you’re not using them?

Well these cheeky little characters are certainly causing some mayhem!!

Why not let them help you get the message across in a fun unique way…?!

24 adorable hand drawn stickers by Artist Lidia Eccles. Fun for all ages!


thanksgivingThanksgiving Doodles

Celebrate Thanksgiving with these lovely hand drawn doodles!  As featured by Apple in Pumpkin Spiced Stickers, November 2016.



makeupdoodles Makeup Diva Doodles

Fabulously fashionable Makeup Diva Doodles for your iMessages!

Get noticed, be on fleek, show your style with these hand drawn stickers!


introvert Introvert Doodles

When you want to show that it’s fine to be home alone reading on a Saturday, when joy comes from peace and a warm camp fire, when safety is your home and gardening, when you are glad it is raining and you are home playing a game.

Introvert iMessage Stickers. Lovingly hand drawn.


forestcreatures Forest Creatures

Aren’t these the cutest Forest Creatures? Bring super cute creatures to your iMessages with the Forest Creatures Sticker pack.

38 lovingly hand drawn stickers for all year round joy.


hearts Heart Doodles

Love hearts for your iMessages! Show them you love them in 18 colours!

Because, why wouldn’t you?!


flowers Flower Doodles

Flower Doodles!

Beautiful hand drawn flowers to make your iMessages look like a walk through a fragrant garden!

Super cute and pretty!


trees Forest Trees

Can’t see the wood for the trees?? You need Forest Trees sticker pack!

62 gorgeous trees, make your iMessages feel like a walk through a beautiful forest with Forest Trees stickers !

Hug one today!


runes Runic Alphabet

Hand drawn elder futhark runes bring ancient magic to your iMessages !


witchgarden Witches Garden

Hand drawn pagan stickers straight from the Witches Garden ! Celebrate Halloween in style with these beautiful drawings for your iMessages !


balloonpop99stickers BalloonPop99 Sticker pack

You loved the game (BalloonPop99) and you’ll love the stickers! All the cool balloons from the game for use as stickers in your iMessages ! Go crazy, send 99 balloons to your friends!

Poptastic !


yule Yule Stickers

Celebrate Yule in style with these hand drawn stickers !


tees TeeShirts

Expressive Tees to show what you mean, tell the world what’s going on and stick it!!

Over 30 cool shirts that never need washing and always look cool!

Get them while they’re hot!


samhain Samhain 

Celebrate a traditional Pagan Samhain with these 16 beautiful hand-drawn stickers.


10packstickerdoodles2x 10 Pack Sticker Doodles

Get 10 iMessage sticker doodles for the price of 7 !


squillopstickersicon2x Squillop Stickers 

Get the first 9 iMessage Sticker packs from Squillop Media all in one bundle!  Save 33% !


6packpromo Get a 6 Pack… of iMessage Stickers!

Tired of downloading stickers one at a time?
Get a 6 pack super fast!

  • Jokes
  • Cats
  • Balloons
  • Trees
  • Food
  • Tee Shirt slogans!

What more could you need?!
(plus you get a nice discount too!)
Acquire them during their increased temperature period !