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A brand new game!!  Forest Flutter

The humble Luna Moth must fly for forest-flutter-logo@2xsurvival, avoiding deadly predators, catching magical wisps to boost energy along the way.

How long can you survive in the dark forest ?

No Ads, no In App Purchases.  Pay once and play!

Featuring 30 Game Center Achievements and a high-score leaderboard, Owls, Bats, Wisps and a night-time Forest with always a Full Moon to guide you.

Fly the Luna Moth to victory today !


BalloonPop99 Available NOW!

Think you can pop 99 red balloons ? It’s harder than you might think!
They are not Flappy, not Angry, they’re just red balloons in the sky.

Test your speed and reaction times, push your hand / eye co-ordination to the limits!

Challenge your friends through Game Center, try and find all the hidden achievements and win Gold awards !

The more you pop, the faster they get, try on Hard mode for some intense pop-action !!

In App Purchase unlocks infinity mode! pop till you drop ! Plus 5 new crazy power-ups!
(also removes ads)

So get poppin’ ! What are you waiting for?

Squillop Media. Purveyors of fine temporary distraction and whimsy.


GamePlay App Preview VideoYouTube-logo-full_color



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